Reading List: Next 1 Billion Entrepreneurs, Angel5, B2B Is Better

Good morning.  These are a few of the stories I’ve awakened to today.

I’m always a little skeptical about women entrepreneur stories, as most commentators tend to see the question of entrepreneurship by women through a very narrow and very Western  lens.  This article by co-founder Anna Vital and posted on Women 2.0 is an insightful look at the women, globally, who are currently un- or under-employed and why and what will happen when they enter the work force.  The infographic alone is worth the click.

Wittlebee CEO Sean Percival is getting some attention for a weekend hack that sorts the AngelList investors into (sometimes whimsical) categories.  Angel5 uses the AngelList API, but relies primarily on Percival’s judgement to curate about 20 lists that group investors based on their interests (momsdogs), their investor cohorts (former GooglersPayPal Mafia), and region (BoulderCanada).  According to the story on TechCrunch, Percival will add new lists (currently, you can’t build your own) on a regular basis and may be seeking editorial help to keep up the site.  More interesting than Percival’s lists, however, is what his choices and the groupings suggest about the culture and social graph of angel investing.  That insight alone is worth the 5 minutes (Ah, that’s what “5” in the site name really stands for!) it will take you to exhaust the site.

As a member of Illuminate Ventures advisory board, I got a sneak peek at the firm’s research on the performance of B2B investments in a marketplace consumed by a consumer internet frenzy.  The results are stunning: B2B startups outperform B2C startups any day and twice on Sunday.  Here’s Cindy Padnos’s explanation as published on PEHub.

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One thought on “Reading List: Next 1 Billion Entrepreneurs, Angel5, B2B Is Better

  1. Cindy says:

    Chris – you inspire and capture interesting ideas in your reading list. Thanks for sharing our contribution!

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