Reading List: Stop Whining, Leveraging Metaphor, How the News Is Made

Welcome to a new week, one that promises to be All CES, All the Time. But, alas, I’m not in Vegas (thank you, god!), and while not actively avoiding the consumer news onslaught, I was happy to trip upon these items this morning.


Stop whining!  That’s quickly becoming a theme for this year’s startup community. And it’s about time. If I had a dollar for every would-be entrepreneur who complained about why they couldn’t do something because they didn’t have funding, I could substantially fund the remaining entrepreneurs who know they have to build a business from the customers up. So this little post on Sramana Mitra’s no-nonsense blog caught my eye. In effect, she is telling entrepreneurs to “stop being pathetic” and to start building businesses.  Comments from folks like Stewart Alsop emphasize the point:  Funding is only big news to you.  It’s the business you build that is newsworthy.


If you want to get your story out, consider this advice from Giovanni Rodriquez. Giovanni is doing remarkable things with his new agency, SocialXDesign, and I find his writing to be a clear reminder of the power of language to engage and incite action. In this prelude to a longer story he promises to post later in the week, Giovanni reminds us that “a metaphor can teach, inspire, and grow the number of people one needs to create something that doesn’t yet exist.”  A good metaphor, I might add, is the fastest way to communicate a new idea.  And that “something that doesn’t yet exist” just might be the market for your new business. 


You can always make the news on your own. I was delighted to find this 2-minute recap of virtually every news story ever recorded to video. This send up of news media was made nearly 3 years ago, and demonstrates that the conventional TV news business changes very slowly.

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