Reading List: Why CES Matters, Qualcomm’s Krazy Keynote, iPotty (yes, seriously)

I avoided the draw as long as possible, but today had to take a look at the goings on at CES.  Better to read about it from afar than to be there in person, in my book.

If you don’t read Dylan Tweeny on VentureBeat, you really ought to.  He’s smart, funny, insightful, and a delightful writer.  Here’s his take on why CES remains relevant, even while most of what you read will complain about it. (Note particularly his comment on the “most efficient systems for transferring pathogens ever invented” and you’ll understand why this germ-phobe chooses not to attend.)

For the first time in years, Microsoft did not headline the CES keynote.  That honor fell to Qualcomm and its CEO Paul Jacobs. Some of the kinder descriptions of the address (which was more show than address, by all accounts) were “atrocious,” “smart,” “insane,” and “star-studded.”  The best Cliff Notes are found here wherein editors annotate its play-by-play recap with comments from the Twittersphere.

I’m not a parent, and I never understood really video screens in the backseat of cars (What happened to playing Punch Buggy, signing silly songs, and screaming “Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom” as car ride entertainment?), so I will surely never get the iPotty, a training toilet for toddlers with an iPad holder.  Please, tell me this is a joke.

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One thought on “Reading List: Why CES Matters, Qualcomm’s Krazy Keynote, iPotty (yes, seriously)

  1. Haha, are we there yet?:)

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