Reading List: Videos Worth Watching

This morning, reading has become watching.  My personal video queue was filling up, so we took a moment to watch these recommended videos.


Ben Horowitz, the left half of investment firm Andreessen-Horowitz, “talks about “software as a giant lever,” and the implications of a world where “software is getting powerful enough to take over other industries.”  The brief, but excellent interview with the always smart Quentin Hardy, crams a lot of insight into 3 minutes.


Like most people, I hate rejection.  The hate turns to fear and that fear turns to inaction.  Why set yourself up for disappointment?  The answer to that question lies in Jia Jiang’s grand experiment 100 Days of Rejection Therapy.  To prepare himself for the flood of “no” that comes with the fundraising storm, Jia Jiang decided to make one audacious request each day to get used to the idea of rejection and video record the experience for posterity.   He’s about halfway through the project and so far has failed at being rejected about one-third of the time.  Which is to saw that he’s recorded some awesome moments of kindness, curiosity, and go-the-extra-mile service that restores your faith in humanity.


And if it doesn’t, take a look at this video, which proves that winning has nothing to do with the place in which you finish.

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