Startup Lesson: Contact Us

Startups:  Stop hiding!

You don’t mean to.  You’re probably just a virtual company. Or maybe you hang your hat in someone else’s office. It’s possible your not a fan of snail mail or you that don’t want to admit that your office is a 4-by-4 box at the UPS store. 

But surely you must be somewhere.

Believe it or not, a lot of people would actually like to know just where your business is located. 

Yet somewhere along the way, the perfunctory “Contact Us” page on every startup web site has been joined an annoying game of hide and seek.  To cut down on spam or as a means of lead collection, that page now more often than offers a form to suck up my name and contact information without sparing a morsel of detail about how I might, in fact, contact you directly.  And to date, not one of these forms has offered the option “Where the f*** are you?” as a reason for contacting the business.

It turns out there are lots of reasons that someone might want to know where you are located.  Journalists and analysts look for this data all the time.  Corporate and venture investors hear about companies and what to know if they are local to them. Customers, economic development agencies, event organizers, maybe even the Publishers’ Clearinghouse Prize Wagon all have reason to know your location. So why, unless you’re hiding from a process server, do you make it so hard to pinpoint your business on a map?

So do yourself a favor:  Go right now to the Contact page of your web site.  If that page does not include the city, state, and country of your business, smack yourself upside the head, then update the page to include that information immediately.  

You’ll make life so much easier for those of us who don’t want to contact you so much as just know where you are.

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