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Me@Sea: Journey to Atlantis

The Ship of Fools has not yet set sail; the predicted high winds have kept us  at port today.  Still, life aboard a floating university is in full swing.  Semester at Sea doesn’t run according to a standard weekly calendar.  There are A days and B days, not Monday, Tuesday, Wendesdays. . .   No weekends, either.  That it is Easter today seems marked only by a table of undergrads decorating breakfast eggs with sharpies.

As the middle-child of a small town preacher, Easter was a special event in our house.  Hidden eggs and chocolate bunnies, and always brand new, matching Sunday dresses for my sister and me, usually beautifully handmade by my mother.  (My favorite Easter outfit involved a blue cape which allowed my sister to become Florence Nightengale, while I opted to channel Batman, but then, that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

As an adult, I embrace Easter in a different way (no sunrise service, no new dresses). It about a fresh start, re-birth.  And for almost 20 years, it has been about the Journey to Atlantis, a sermon by The Rev. Gary E. Smith that I heard on Easter morning, 1994, at First Parish in Concord, Massachusetts.

I hope you enjoy and find insight in it as much as I.