Me@Sea: Crossing the Prime Meridian

Without ceremony and with little fanfare, at approximately 2:30pm UCT, I crossed the line.  The Prime Meridian, the intersection of 0 degrees longitude, 0 degrees latitude.  The center of the earth, in a manner of speaking.

In naval lore, the rarest of status is bestowed upon those who cross the equator for the first time at the Prime Meridian.  I am an Emerald Shellback.

Unexpectedly, there is a buoy to mark the spot. I was hoping for a gift shop to pick up a t-shirt and a post card or two, but no luck.

For me, though, this crossing marks more than the intersection of two navigational lines.  It’s a fresh start.  I came aboard the MV Explorer with the expectation that I would disembark 30 days later changed by the experience.  After less than a week at sea and surrounded by the amazing entrepreneurs who are a part of Unreasonable@Sea, the inquisitive students who drink mightily of the Semester at Sea experience, and the methodology in which we are completely immersed, it is clear that change is the only option from here on out.

And I can think of no better a place to start than 0 degrees, 0 degrees.




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One thought on “Me@Sea: Crossing the Prime Meridian

  1. Rob Howe says:

    “And from my neck so free
    The Albatross fell off, and sank
    Like lead into the sea.”

    Sail on, sailor; be new!

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